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Infinet Service Solutions has a wide range of expertise available in the following hardware areas:

Workshop & Third Party Repairer Job Tracking System

UNIX workstations (RISC & CISC)

Wintel PC Systems

Power PC Systems

PCB component level rework

Surface Mount Technologies

TAB Technologies

BGA and uBGA Technologies

Storage Devices

Customer Dedicated Field Service

On-site customer engineers

Disk and Tape Peripherals



Flat Panel/LCD Repair Technologies

Test ware/Test equipment development

Hardware and Software Development

Operating systems

Quality Control

Repair Vendor qualification

Digital Cameras

Digital Video

Digital Projectors

Tape Backup Storage and Automation

Exabyte Appointed After Sales Representative for Australia and New Zealand specialising in installation, Maintenance, Warranty and Non-Warranty After Sales Service and Rental.
  In addition to the full range of Exabyte storage products, other Tape Backup repair services available include DLT, LTO, DAT, 4mm, 8mm, QIC, SLR and AIT.

Our core personnel have expertise on equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers such as: Sun, NEC, Epson, NCR, Sony, Zenith, Philips, Xerox, Archive, Compaq, Nokia, Ericssons, Alcatel, Apple, Nortel Networks, Unisys, and Exabyte.

An as an example of the technical capacity and capabilities of Infinet Service Solutions some of the specialist equipment owned and operated by our company includes:

Huntron Protrack Prober - Robotic analyser

Zevac DRS22 BGA and Tab Chip rework station

SRT Surface Mount Rework Station

BGA 3500 Fine Pitch SMT and Rework Station

Specialised Hard Disk Test Equipment

This equipment allows Infinet Service Solutions to undertake repair activity at the leading edge of technology. Infinet Service Solutions has a full range of bench tools and equipment to support the above technology.