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1. Concentrate your efforts and resources on core activities.
2. Benefit from Specialist skills and expertise.
3. Free capital budget for core revenue producing activities.

4. Improve the quality of repair work.
5. Reduce your repair turnaround times.
6. Avoid costly retraining of staff.

7. Gain Partnership Development Points to compete for Australian Government contracts.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Infinet Service Solutions are specialists in Defective Spare Parts Management (DSPM). Today, an increasing number of Information Technology organizations and Original Equipment Manufacturers are enjoying the benefits of outsourcing their Defective Spare Parts Management to firms such as Infinet Service Solutions. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Concentrate your efforts and resources on core activities.
For today’s highly integrated platforms, outsourcing is the most intelligent response to the rapidly changing demands of an accelerating market. Having contracted out it’s Defective Spare Parts Management (DSPM), your company is then free to concentrate its resources on core customer service activities.

Reduced/Re-deployed Headcount

Reduction or redeployment of current staff in line with customers current corporate or local policy

Maintain skill sets in-house for emergencies or new technologies/products

Increased focus on non-core activities

Allows customers to focus on Revenue Generating Activities

Reduced administration

Infinet Service Solutions can tailor reporting requirements to meet local and corporate reporting requirements for repair activity and failure analysis and interface for downloading directly into your corporate data base.




2. Benefit from Specialist skills and expertise
Infinet Service Solutions delivers highly specialized skills not normally available to in-house repair facilities. (Evidence indicates that in may companies, internal repair centers are treated as a necessary evil, and consequently, often lack appropriate funding, expertise, test equipment and training on current technologies.) Contracting your work to Infinet Service Solutions gives immediate access to professional and focused repairs management and to state of the art technology. Infinet Service Solutions has an expanding network of strategic repair partners and OEM organizations plus our own repair capability with rework facilities for the latest technologies such as TAB, BGA and uBGA.

Access to experienced personnel

Infinet Service Solutions will provide a fixed amount of consultancy hours per quarter at no extra charge

Ease of Integration

Infinet Service Solutions will provide a seamless transition from your current repair facility of all or selected products to its facility, or manage and maintain all or parts of, your existing operation in its current location for ease of business and facility maximisation.

Infinet Service Solutions will provide a billing method that is consistent with Customer’s Financial Department requirements, ie monthly and inclusive of all other repair vendors if required.

3. Free capital budget for core revenue producing activities.
Contracting out DSPM allows your firm access to repair services without the fixed cost burden of in-house facilities. Infinet Service Solutions maximizes the use of its own repair and test facilities, thus reducing the overall costs of its services.

Known cost of Repairs

Fixed, agreed cost of repair per item

Regular quarterly reviews

50% of any savings passed on to customer at review

Expedited response available if required

Reduced Facilities Cost

Reduce large capital outlays from budgets

Sell off unused equipment

No capital outlays for new technologies

No specialist facilities costs for expansion

Economies of Scale

Customer is able to leverage off existing equipment, component parts holdings and expertise already available at Infinet Service Solutions


4. Improve the quality of repair work.
The Infinet Service Solutions group of companies are ISO9002 accredited managing a range of local, international & OEM repair organisations. Stipulated levels of quality are rigorously monitored by staff via Quality Assurance testing and "dock to stock" certification.

Quality Guaranteed

Infinet Service Solutions provides 30 (60 or 180) day warranty on all repairs

No extra cost to customer

ISO9002 accredited

Quality system processes

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Higher availability of spare parts

Reduced cost of spare parts

Alternative repair sources


5. Reduce your repair turnaround times.
Lengthy turnaround times are a major hidden cost in the equipment repair cycle. As a result, large and unnecessary investment in shelf stock is often required by firms in order to cover parts delayed in the repair cycle. With Infinet Service Solutions, in nearly 100% of cases you will have your repairs back within agreed turnaround time, and your shelf stock overheads are reduced or eliminated.

Guaranteed Turnaround

Higher Parts Availability

Reduced Logistics Inventory


6. Avoid costly retraining of staff.
Our industry is characterised by constant change in upgraded technologies. As a specialist DSPM contractor, Infinet Service Solutions continually trains its staff in the latest requirements. Contracting out your DSPM means that your firm is relieved of the ongoing burden of retraining staff to deal with the ever-changing technical environments.

Growth without cost

New products volumes can be accommodated

No cost of introduction of new technologies/training

  7. Gain PDP Points to compete for Australian Government contracts.
What we have found among some of our customers is that there is a great advantage, in local Repair/Screening, to be had in gaining Credits under the Federal Government's Partnership for Development Program. By performing local repair/screening Companies can earn credits to the value of the equipment or part being repaired, and not simply the cost of the repair, when gaining PDP Points to enable them to compete for Australian Government contracts

8. Frequently Asked Questions about Defective Spare Parts Management (DSPM).

1. Does contracting out DSPM result in the loss of internal expertise?
This may occur; however for most firms DSPM is a support service, not a core business competency – and therefore rarely a source in itself of competitive advantage to a firm. Infinet Service Solutions will develop tailor made confidential reports of your company’s specific needs, ensuring that all strategic information is retained and updated in your databases.

2. Is control lost in contracting out DSPM?
By specifying in the contract exactly what is required, in many situations your firm actually gains control over a situation that currently may be less than efficient and effective.

3. Contracting out DSPM appears expensive?
DSPM costs depend on your firm’s individual needs, but Infinet Service Solutions’s aim is to commence management projects within a clients existing budget. If this is not possible in the short term (due, for instance, to capital outlays and staffing) , an establishment fee maybe appropriate. The DSPM contract is reviewed regularly and savings achieved are split between the parties. Any increased fees are restricted to measurable cost increases.

4. How long is a typical DSPM contract?
A typical DSPM contract covers a two year period. This enables
Infinet Service Solutions to introduce sustainable improvements in a company’s DSPM cycle.